Tanya Gulnik T'15

“Take the opportunity to explore different options here. Tuck is a great place to find your focus—you can do anything here.”

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Tuck was the last school I visited and the last application due, but as soon as I saw it, I felt like, “I have to come here!” Even in my short visit, Tuck’s tight-knit community was so obvious: People know your first name and you can easily connect with professors and your fellow students. About eight of us did a pre-orientation backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail and we got to know each other right away. Some of them are still my best friends today!


Being involved with theBOX food truck has probably been the single most rewarding and challenging experience of my two years here. I've learned so much about management, leadership, and teamwork from the founders (T’14s Eric Winn D’04 and Mike Parshley) as well as my peers. I learned that I love helping to build the culture of a small company and crave the dynamic environment of a startup.


This year, a couple students started a program called “Tuck Talks,” which is like TED Talks but Tuck students and faculty give a 10 minute presentation on something they’re interested in. You see these people every day but it’s so inspiring to learn more about their stories. Two of my favorites were when Frances Thunder T’16 talked about working in the inner-city schools in Washington, D.C., and when Henry Karongo T’15 discussed his career goal of reforming corruption in Kenya.


The faculty here is so helpful. Professors Andy King and Curt Welling were the advisers on my independent study. Professor Welling gave me a useful framework to break down “sustainability” conversations and take it beyond my personal values and emotional reactions. Professor King taught me to be skeptical and to look at the right data before drawing conclusions. In fact, he spent six hours on a Sunday helping me analyze data for his course paper. The fact that he was so engaged in making it better made the project a more meaningful learning experience for me.


Take the opportunity to explore different options here. Tuck is a great place to find your focus—you can do anything here.

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