Vivien Cui Cui Lee T'14

“The support I received at Tuck across the board allowed me to switch careers successfully.”

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Why Tuck?

I chose Tuck because of the people. I met two first-years over a coffee chat in Singapore and one of them actually took extra time to speak with me on a different day too. The enthusiasm that student had for Tuck was such a different experience from the other schools I’d looked at.

A Natural Change

I’m from Singapore, so Tuck and Hanover were different for me and a little outside my comfort zone. But getting to enjoy four seasons in a beautiful setting with my classmates ended up being a great experience, and one that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The Support To Switch Careers

When I came to Tuck, I knew I didn’t want to do banking or consulting. But other than that, I didn’t really know what I wanted. The support I received across the board at Tuck, especially from the school’s Healthcare Initiative, allowed me to switch careers successfully. Tuck has so many great resources—recruiters, alumni, career services, classmates, visiting executives on campus—and every interaction I have had during my time here has helped me to decide what I wanted to do.

Next Steps

I’m excited to take what I’ve learned at Tuck and apply it by working on different projects at Sanofi in their global services division. I’ll be doing three different rotations over two years and gaining the experience that I don’t have yet. I’m looking forward to applying the perspective I’ve developed at Tuck and to continuing my journey.

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