• Why Tuck?

    I knew community would be something important to me at Tuck, but I didn’t realize how easy it would be to feel welcome. When I first arrived on campus, I immediately sensed I had a family and a support system. That gave me the confidence to try things I never would have done, because I knew people wouldn’t laugh. My classmates taught me to ski, and I became a captain on a hockey team, even though I never skated before I got to Tuck. The friends I’ve made here have also made it possible for me to take a job in Boston, a completely foreign city to me. When I moved there after graduation, I knew I’d be able to tap into a support system of Tuck alumni in the area.

    • Prior Education

      Rice University, BA, 2005

    • Prior Employment

      Deloitte Consulting, Houston, Tx.; analyst, 2005-07, consultant, 2007-09, senior consultant, 2009-10

    • Tuck Electives

      Leadership Out of the Box; Communicating with Presence; Social Marketing; Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy

    • Activities

      Diversity Conference, co-chair; Association of Christians at Tuck, co-chair; women’s hockey, co-captain; Tuck Admissions Associate; Admitted Students Weekend, registration co-lead; TuckGIVES, logistics lead; Education Leadership Club; Consortium, fellow

    • Experiential Learning

      First-Year Project for Boston-based charter school

    • Global Experiences

      India Learning Expedition; Instituto de Empresa Business School mini-exchange; travels to Central America, Europe, and Southeast Asia

    • Summer Internship

      YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, Tx.

    • Key Encounters

      Talking with associate professor Ella Bell (Ella Smith) about having the faith and confidence to follow the “nontraditional” social-impact focused career path

    • After Tuck

      Monitor Institute, Monitor Deloitte, Boston, Mass., senior consultant

    • My Tuck Transformation

      The self-awareness and realization of how my passions and career can intersect and ultimately contribute to social change.

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