• Why Tuck?

    There is no one right way to lead, and many ways not to. Our most intense conversation at Tuck is about leadership. It’s part of our curriculum
    and a big part of our daily lives, our culture. Each of us is obligated to develop an individual leadership plan through an intense process of self-awareness that can involve exploring very personal, sometimes difficult things about ourselves. But the effort has a big return. I’ve learned that every person is an individual, that everyone has a story, and that leadership styles need to adapt to evolving teams, organizations, and situations. Tuck has shown me that when the situation requires a different kind of leader, I can change my style while maintaining the substance of who I am.

    • Prior Education

      University of Kent at Canterbury, BA, 1999; London School of Economics and Political Science, MS, 2000

    • Prior Employment

      Going-there.com, web editor, London, 2000-01; Institute for Security Technology Studies, research associate, Hanover, N.H., 2001-03; Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, progressing from senior research analyst to associate director of research, Hanover, NH, 2003-08

    • Tuck Electives

      Negotiations; Technology Strategy; Operations Strategy; Structuring Mergers & Acquisition

    • Activities

      Consulting Club; Soccer Club; MBA World Cup

    • Experiential Learning

      First-Year Project quantifying the regional economic impact of a local half marathon

    • Global Experiences

      Summer internship at McKinsey & Company in Germany

    • Summer Internship

      McKinsey & Company, Cologne, Germany

    • Key Tuck Encounters

      Mentoring by former operations professor M. Eric Johnson

    • After Tuck

      REWE Group, senior consultant, Cologne, Germany; McKinsey & Company, Cologne

    • My Tuck Transformation

      Tuck showed me that when the situation requires a different kind of leader, I could change my style while maintaining the substance of who I am.

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