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Oyebode A. Fajobi Jr. T'14

“I recommend that you look at the Tuck experience as an opportunity to make it your own.”

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Why Tuck?

My plan is to be an entrepreneur so I wanted to go to a school where I could build excellent relationships, learn what I needed to learn, and develop the pedigree to get the experiences that I want going forward in life. Tuck was the best place for me to do all that, and because of my experience here, I’ve been able to go into management consulting in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Becoming Your Best Self

Tuck gives you more than you can handle, but it’s all to teach you how to prioritize. Since I got here, I’ve gotten a much better sense of what’s important to me. Once you identify that, you are a far more effective and efficient individual. Because of Tuck, I’ve become that person and had some amazing experiences along the way.

Alumni Advantage

As an example of how Tuck makes your transformation possible, we had a T’04 come in from Mumbai and discuss how to transition from consulting into emerging market private equity, which is an option that I’m considering in the future. Tuck’s alumni have been in your shoes and have a good sense of what the market’s looking for, what opportunities lie ahead, and how you can best accomplish your goals. They’re always very willing to share their wisdom.

My Dream

Now that I’m leaving Tuck, I’m looking to fulfill my goal of building businesses in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa that have the ability to employ large amounts of people. I’ll know that I’ve succeeded when I’m able to effectively impact businesses across the continent—or build my own—that will empower Africans and help them reach the financial freedom to achieve their own dreams.

My Tuck, Your Tuck

Hanover is a surprising place. A lot of people who come here are outdoorsy people, but you don’t have to be to have a great time. Because Tuck is a small school, you can make your own fun. For anyone who comes here, I recommend that you look at the Tuck experience as an opportunity to make it your own.

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