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Samuel L. Alexander T'14

“Tuck made me aware of so many more possibilities for creating value in this world.”

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Why Tuck?

Leaving the Army, I knew I wanted to go to a place that was highly regarded for business acumen, for the caliber of its students and faculty, and for its community and alumni network. Tuck is all those things and so much more. As a career-changer, I needed an education that would serve me during my transition from the military into the business world. I wouldn’t have had the business school experience I felt I needed to have anywhere else.


Tuck’s a great place to be an entrepreneur—I’ve had so much access to resources through the faculty and the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network. There are so many people who’ve taken the time to mentor me and help me along the path to start my business. The amount of support is incredible and I don’t think you would get that at a bigger school.

A New Beginning

I know that my education and Tuck connections will serve me well as I move forward with the business I’m going into. The funny thing is that I didn’t foresee starting a business right out of school, but it’s possible now because I have really good mentors and partners. Sure, it’s a little scary with a startup, since success or failure really is on your shoulders and your paycheck depends on your ability to execute, but it’s also exciting and motivating.

Lifelong Community

Most of my time out of Alaska has been in the military, so my network has primarily been within the military. That changed quickly at Tuck. I was immediately surrounded by people from very different backgrounds and it was intense, especially living on campus my first year.  Although we come from different walks of life, everyone works hard to make Tuck a welcoming community. My network of friends is now much wider than I had ever expected.

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