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Veronica Jubera Maldonado T'13

“Tuck opened a new door and allowed me to change careers and do something I love.”

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Why Tuck?

During my tour of schools I was looking for two things: A place I would feel supported by current students, alumni and staff and faculty, and where I would feel free to reach out for guidance. I didn’t want to be just a number in a big pack. I think Tuck was really the only school where I felt welcome and at home. It’s also one of the reasons why, down the road, I decided to work as an admissions assistant here.


I like the general management curriculum because it allows you to learn the basics of everything and doesn’t force you to make a choice about what you want to study right now. You may like finance now, but that could change in a few years. The curriculum is very balanced, hands-on, with a lot of deliverables done in teams. For me, that was an important experience: the team aspect. I was also very impressed with the faculty. I never thought I would enjoy accounting, but it was one of my favorite classes. The professor explained things in ways that just made sense, connecting the concepts with real companies and issues. And she was always super-available. I can’t tell you how many emails I sent her at all hours of the night, and she would always reply and take the time to help me.

First-Year Project

Our team worked on a non-profit project in Peru. It was really interesting in the sense that it wasn’t a classic, for-profit project: A doctor wanted to set up a health care clinic in the jungle. I really appreciated my team and liked how we each had a different set of skills and really complemented each other. It was a good first peek into the challenges you might face with a client in real life. And great experience as background for my internship at McKinsey.

Summer Internship

Initially, I wasn’t offered an interview with McKinsey, but because of the bidding system at Tuck, I was able to use my points to gain an interview and convince them I could do the job. It’s very much in line with the Tuck philosophy: we don’t believe that everything you are is confined to a sheet of paper, so we’ll give you a chance to prove yourself in person.

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